Business digitalization is a method in which the physical world merges with the virtual one. Some examples include cyber-physical systems and smart industrial facilities. Other experiences are the affect of new software and services plus the need to reimagine the way business is done. Through this paper, we explore the business digitalization implications and outline three research spaces in this area. Inevitably, we will explore a number of the positive and unfavorable impacts with this new technology, and exactly how we can support businesses adapt to it.

The main advantages of digitalization are the ability to group many people and departments and connect them to create new ways to generate benefit. This provides a low-risk environment for testing new concepts or ideas and proving that they do the job. The experts suggest technical support for digitalization to help companies close this hole. In the meantime, that they recommend a lot of concrete basic steps for businesses to take to help make the transition. In the long run, the target is to allow a booming business ecosystem.

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